Changeset [b8ff27b3e18e7861ea69623a333759dfb7f5e9d0] by lorenzo farnararo

April 8th, 2018 @ 10:56 AM

Added json.facet support (#898)

  • adding json facet to sunspot gem [skip ci]

  • updated travis build

  • removed support for ruby < 2

  • added json facet for fields and tests

  • added range query and search. fixes

  • update field stats

  • edit travis tests [skip ci]

  • update group options to group_by

  • edited travis tests

  • fix rails 5 tests

  • added stats for json facet

  • added json facet fields and parsing for stats

  • fix typo

  • added options for json facets with tests [skip ci]

  • renamed class and fixed sort

  • added sort by custom field in stat faceting

  • added json facet capability and stats augmentation

  • fix test

  • removed query json facet

  • edited inspect of jsonfacet stat row [skip ci]

  • added readme example and fixed code as requested

  • fix stats_row removing code from json facet

  • fix ruby compatibility and errores in .gitignore

  • added forgotten link in Readme

  • revert to all stats_row and uniformed stats_json_row

  • fix test with nil values

  • update README

Committed by lorenzo farnararo

  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/query/abstract_json_field_facet.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/query/date_field_json_facet.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/query/field_json_facet.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/query/range_json_facet.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/search/field_json_facet.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/search/json_facet_row.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/search/json_facet_stats.rb
  • A sunspot/lib/sunspot/search/stats_json_row.rb
  • M
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/dsl/field_query.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/dsl/field_stats.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/query.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/query/field_stats.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/search.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/search/abstract_search.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/search/stats_row.rb
  • M sunspot/lib/sunspot/util.rb
  • M sunspot/spec/integration/faceting_spec.rb
  • M sunspot/spec/integration/scoped_search_spec.rb
  • M sunspot/spec/integration/stats_spec.rb
  • M sunspot/spec/mocks/post.rb
  • M sunspot_rails/spec/request_lifecycle_spec.rb
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