Changeset [c12fedfe167c0284cce722617a8a766a689ce6f8] by Jonas S

July 27th, 2017 @ 06:45 AM

Fix travis error last comment and uninitialized constant r solr connection (#866)

  • RSolr 2.0 is released so bundler automatically installs the latest version. Test also against older RSolr version.

  • The method 'last_comment' which is called from rspec-core was removed from rake 11

  • Fix Gem::InstallError: nokogiri ~> 1.7 requires Ruby version >= 2.1.0.

  • rails 5.0 doesn't work with rspec-rails-2.14.2 undefined method 'alias_method_chain'

Committed by Jonas S

  • M ".travis.yml"
  • M sunspot/Gemfile
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-3.0.0
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-3.1.0
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-3.2.0
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-4.0.0
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-4.1.0
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-4.2.0
  • M sunspot_rails/gemfiles/rails-5.0
  • M sunspot_rails/lib/sunspot/rails/solr_logging.rb
  • M sunspot_rails/spec/spec_helper.rb
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